Thursday, August 25, 2016

Easter Madness QP Freebie #11

Sorry guys I was on vacation and I preposted til the 21st thinking I could do some more posts at my brothers but I couldn't.  I had absolutely no internet connection.  And my internet is working on/off here at my house so it's been hard to post and keep up with everything. Andrea is way ahead of me more than usual. :)  So have patience with me. 

Here's a freebie from Andrea

Since Andrea's removing her newsletter due to Google algorithm,
She thought she could post freebies that were exclusive in her newsletter now here.
So, this was one of freebies from my kit "Easter madness".
You can find it in my store on Wilma4ever.
DOWNLOAD HERE on her blog or
my mediafire HERE

Easter Madness - Full Size Kit - PU

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