Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dancing in the Rain Wordart Freebie

Here is a wordart freebie for you today.  I am also offering it in my Wordart Challenge and if you want to join in my challenge you will get a cool prize at the end of the month.  All you have to do is make a layout using it and then post in the forum.  It's free either way.

You can check out my challenge HERE


I also have another wordart for the challenge but I'll post it tomorrow for your next freebie or you can join the challenge and get both today HERE

You can buy these and use them in the challenge too!
I made these to sell in the store.
They are on sale this month for only $1
Feel free to use one of them if you buy them
and would rather use them than the freebies provided.  

Here is my April Ad 
Heres a coupon to use this month

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