Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Personal Ct Call and a wordart Freebie too!

I've decided to have another CT Call.  I do already have 2 great Ct's that I love but I am still needing a few more to help me get my kits out there.

I don't really require a whole lot.  I give you my kits in return for 2 layout per kit.  Only requirement is that you post in several galleries and your social media.  So you can post on let say ScrapbookFlair and another gallery and then post on your Facebook page or even my Facebook Group page would be fine and/or Pinteres, Twitter, Tumbler, you blog or whatever else you use.  Post where you would normally post your pages and then credit the kit to me.  Also I give you time to post them but I would say a month at least would be good but I make a lot of kits so I don't think you will want to wait too long.  :)  Also it is not a requirement but a request that you join our forum and post in the gallery there.  We have lots of challenges that I host there too and it would be great if you joined in on all the fun but like I said not a requirement.  Just if you can't do the forum please let me post your pages for you on there at least.  I already do that with one Ct.  And I would post them under your Ct Name as layouts for me. 

Also, Please do not give out my kits to anyone else or upload them to another site to give away.  These will be yours to use as personal use only.  I don't have a problem with you making a quick page or cluster frame to give away on your blog as long as you credit the kit to me but please no reuploading or regifting of any kind.

So if you are interested you can find me here on my blog 
(I do have a store blog and main blog)

my email

 ( I have a personal profile and a store profile, a page and a group)

My facebook groups:
(one is an Ad group and one a CT layout group)

My Store is HERE at Wilma4Ever
(I only design for Wilma)

Our Forum is HERE

Gallery for Forum is HERE

OK Here is your freebie wordart for today.

Also Wilma4Ever is having a Designer/CT call too if you are interested.

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