Friday, November 17, 2017

It's our Birthday at Wilma4ever! Come Celebrate with us!

Hi all! Happy Shopping!
We are turning 8! It's amazing! We have been so delighted to be part of this wonderful world of digital scrap. We deeply appreciate all of you and thank you!

Stop in and have a look.

Come check out our amazing (BAK) Build-a-Kit called Giving Season
going on at Wilma4ever from lots of our designers.  Each piece is only $1.

Also we have a Giving Season Blogtrain going on that matches our BAK.  You can pick up all those pieces HERE at the train station on our store blog.  A lot of the blogtrain freebies are in our store so to find them you may have to scroll a littlehub  through their stores for find the freebie because they have added BAK items along with it.  Just go grab a lot of stuff and make your own full size it.

Also check out our Make my Day section in the forum for lots of free goodies.
So come celebrate with us!

Weekend Deals $1.00 all weekend.

Oh hey, did you know we give prizes for all who come play in our forum?
Just for completing 10 you will get a bonus collab from our admin team.

(Please note we often get a lot of spam, if you receive a message that you were removed let us know and we will contact you. If you have not been activated in 24 hours please let us know.)

If you spend just $7.50 this wonderful collab from our team can be yours, or you may purchase it for the same price.

We look forward to seeing you at our home.

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