Saturday, July 22, 2017

Font Challenge at Wilma4ever Hosted by Disya's Digitals Designs

Participated in the font challenge hosted by Disya.

Went on a fishing trip this month with a friend from work (Amy) and her daughter. Her daughter loves to fish. She didn't know how to tie a hook so I was trying to show her. But every time she tried to do it she just kept having trouble. I don't remember why the subject came up but I was telling Amy how sometimes I do things with my left hand (actually a lot of things) even though I am right handed. And then a light bulb went off and I looked at her daughter and asked her to switch hands. She tied it perfectly then. LOL Apparently I tie my knots with my left hand.

OMG I feel so retarded when I train people because I don't realize that I do it. For instance, I dip my donuts with my left hand and can't do it with my right. When I measure out my ingredients with this huge scoop, I used my left hand.

We all caught 1 fish. Amy a catfish too small, her daughter a small bass that was too small. And I caught a crappie that was definitely a keeper. But I bought this crappie measurer that when you slip the crappie into it, it tells you if it's the right length. They have to be 10" in length. Well when I was showing her how to use it the fish slipped out of my hands and onto the dock. Me and Amy chased it but it bounced into the lake. So that's my fish story.

Kit used: Digicats's Fish Tales kit full size

Fish Tales (Full)

Font: Redressed

If you participate in the challenge you get a prize!

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