Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Years Ball and Free Sample Kit

 It's my Birthday Weekend
everything in my store is on sale for only $1
January 12th through January 15th
Find my store HERE

New Years Ball 

 Use coupon code ATSSAMPKITJAN2017 at the checkout to get it for free. 
 Coupon is good until Feb 10, 2017


  1. Happy Birthday and Thank you. I put code ATSSAMPKITJAN2017 in coupon box only to get invalid coupon code. the thought was there.

  2. Hmm people have been using it. Let me go look at it.

  3. Ok I just did it myself through the checkout and it worked fine. It's for unlimited customers but each customer can only use it once. I don't know why it came up invalid for you. And it shows other people getting it today besides me so I know the coupon works.

  4. Worked Okay for me--thank so much April for the cute kit


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