Saturday, August 8, 2015

Still Free - Sample Kit - Puppy Paws

Hey guys, 

As soon as I figure out how to get them from her (China Doll) I will regive you the links for the Red Light Green Light freebies that she made.  I can't get them either and my internet keeps going down so I'm not seeing all of your comments about it.  Someone finally got me on email.  I knew it didn't work the first day but she said it was fixed so I wasn't worried about it.  LOL  Had I been able to download them I could have redistributed them.  So I'll try to figure something out.  

Anyway, I still have my sample kit freebie up for the Sample Kit challenge for last month.  I don't think I gave it to you or even showed it to you.  

It's a cute little mini kit.
Puppy Paws - Sample Kit - July 2015

I have new wordart too and I'll try to get them to you.  Like I said my internet or maybe it's my modem is not working well for me.  I have a new modem but I'm having trouble installing it.  I may end up having to get someone out here to fix it.  :)

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