Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Wilma4Ever Blogtrain has Arrived : Steampunk Easter

We are all on different time zones, so if someone doesn't have their part up yet, please check back later.
Wilma4Ever (this is the train station's main hub, there is no download here)

Here's my part

30% off all items in my store Through March 31st

You can find my store by clicking link below

And here are some coupons you can use for my store.

Come join me in the forum and participate
in my challenges for prizes and fun!
Must be registered to play.

Learning Technique Challenge

Layered Split Photo Technique used in the challenge

Wordart Challenge
You get free wordart and a prize at end of challenge

Tag Font Challenge
You make a tag using the font that I have chosen and get a prize at the end of the challenge.

Tag Color Challenge
You make a tag with the color palette that I've given you and you get a participation prize at the end of the challenge.

Tag Template Challenge
Free template and a prize at end of challenge too!


  1. Absolutely amazing!!!! Love the bunny!! Love the bunny in the hatched egg!! The eggs are gorgeous!!! The zipper frame is so unique!! Thank you so very much for sharing!!!

  2. Very nice!! :) Thank you :)


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