Friday, October 17, 2014

Wilma4Ever Newsletter and Weekend Deals

Wilma4ever Presents Weekend Deals
In this issue:
* New Contest, come join the fun.
* Designer Of The Month.
* Free gift with $7.50 purchase.
* Weekend Deals.

* New Build A Kit
* New Items.
* Hot Sales from our team.
* Site Calls.
* Forum challenges, come play with us.
* Bingo/Speed Scrap (TBA).
* Gallery layout of the day.
* Newsletter fan freebie.

Trick Or Treat!
Come join us for some fun! The trick is to search through our forum for treats. Click the treats to get your prize. Once you find your treats come back to the thread located in our forum and post a layout using the treats to get an even bigger prize!

Designer Of The Month: Designs By Stina
%60 OFF, Facebook Freebie, Free gift with purchase, and 6 challenges.
Here is a sample of her work:

FREE October 2014 Thank You Gift!
Our fabulous designers have gotten together to create this fabulous mix of items that are CU/PU/S4H/S4O that will help you to create a wonderful layout or fabulous project. All the items in this kit are created fresh for you each month. All you need to do is load up your cart with $7.50 of goodies and then add this to your cart and it will be yours OR you can buy it for $7.50.
You get it here.

Come check out these Weekend Deals all for just $1.00 through the weekend.


4ever Vibrant Build A Kit!
Collect as many parts as you like to make a full kit with the same color and theme.


New Products from our wonderful team.


Hot sales and savings!
Want more sales? Be sure to check our home page under sales.

Save More with this code at check out (ABCreations Only): ABC_6for3_2014

Save even more with this code at check out (Designs by Stina only): DBS_6for3_2014

Site Calls
Creative Team Application Here
Design Team Application Here

Do you know someone who has never tried digital scrapbooking?
Do you need a gift for a Birthday or Holiday?
We have the perfect choice for you:
Gift Certificates!
You can spend $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, or $20.00.
The person of your choice will get a code they can use in our shop.

Forum Challenges!
A fun way to get involved with us and have some fun, we have many to choose from and yes you will get prizes for playing along. (New ones posted each month click on the one of your choice) All rules and how - to's are posted here.


Wilma4ever Gallery Layout Of The Day

This weeks freebie is from the
Be sure you stop in all places.

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