Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picnic in the Park - QP1

Here's the layout I made using it.


 Weekend Deals
Tons of great $1 Deals, check out the previews below!

Hello all! Welcome to another edition of our Weekend Deals! We have a great new bunch of deals to share AND we have new challenges posted in our forum all ready for you to come play along. We have some new fun and fabulous sales too. :) I can't get over this.. I was in the store and already they have back to school things. My little one has not even been out a month. ;)

Patriotic Plaid AlphaBlack as Night - Alpha 3Black as Night - Alpha 2

Black as Night - Alpha 1Patriotic Fabric Alpha

 Plus I have a Sale all thru July on all my Alphas
 anywhere from $1 to $2 for larger ones.

 Picnic in the Park - Alpha 1Black as Night - Alpha 5 Black as Night - Alpha 4
Black as Night - Alpha 3 Fun & Games - Word Games - Wooden Alpha Autumn Kisses - Alpha 1
Fun & Games - Poker Chip Alpha Fun & Games - Card Alpha Sandy Beaches - Marina Alpha
Sandy Beaches - Sand Alpha Congrats Grad - White Alpha Congrats Grad - Black Alpha
Congrats Grad - Gold Alpha Congrats Grad - 3 Full-Size Alphas Catching Fireflies - Alpha
Denim Blue - Denim Stitched Alpha Denim Blue - Stitched Alpha

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